Toddler Wearing: Full Buckle vs. Onbuhimo

A question often asked: Which one do I prefer for toddler wearing? If you know me AT ALL (or at least follow me on social media), I'm sure you can answer this all by yourself. Yes, a full buckle. But I will explain why. Also, please keep in mind that these are my personal preferences… Continue reading Toddler Wearing: Full Buckle vs. Onbuhimo


¿Qué es un onbuhimo?

Onbu-qué? On-bu-hi-mo. Le decimos onbu de cariño jeje. Es un portabebé que confunden mucho con la mochila pues se parecen un poco. ¿Qué es exactamente? Es un portabebé tradicional Asiático (de Japón para ser específica) y se ha utilizado para llevar bebés altos en la espalda. ¿En qué consiste? En un pedazo de tela que… Continue reading ¿Qué es un onbuhimo?


Review – Soul Slings Jacquard Woven Wrap

Hi, yes, me again with yet another awesome Soul Slings review. Except that this time I'm just gonna do a "mini" review. Read on to find out why. This lovely wrap is called Lavender Corallium, it is a variation of the original Corallium which is also gorgeous. According to the website a size 6 (like… Continue reading Review – Soul Slings Jacquard Woven Wrap