Review – Soul Slings Jacquard Woven Wrap

Hi, yes, me again with yet another awesome Soul Slings review. Except that this time I’m just gonna do a “mini” review. Read on to find out why.

IMG_20180504_220156_269 (1).jpg

This lovely wrap is called Lavender Corallium, it is a variation of the original Corallium which is also gorgeous. According to the website a size 6 (like this one) is 187 inches (4.75 meters) long and 29 inches wide and it’s GSM is 290 g/m2. Find out more about what GSM is here.

Like I mentioned on this Instagram post, these are not my usual colors and if you follow me on social media you could’ve noticed that this is my first lavender anything. However, I’ve been so drawn to it ever since I first saw it. I decided to go for it to try a jacquard woven from Soul and I’m not dissappointed. The colors are very soothing. They just bring me calm. The wrap is thick, coarse, I want to say dry, like I feel it REALLY needs some breaking in, hence why this is only a mini-review maybe even a first impression if you may. I tried it for a babywearing challenge I’m currently participating on. It’s really fun, follow me on Instagram so that you don’t miss out. Ok, so I tried it and can feel it becoming soft but after quite some tough love. Kind of like with the Peace Ring Sling.

Picture from Soul Slings website

The wrap has some diagonal stretch to it but not so much. It is sort of stiff, not bouncy, not much recoil, and only a bit cushy, as of now. I’d say it’s the perfect toddler prison and a beater wrap. I do love the fact that it holds your passes where they are and that it can be somewhat forgiving of a sloppy wrap job.

Retail price starts at $43 – a size 3 and it goes up from there, if interested, you can purchase it here. Please stay tuned for a more in-depth review of this guy and also a comparison with a Soul Slings Gradient wrap.

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Thanks so much for reading.

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