Review – Soul Slings Peace Ring Sling

Hi there! I know you must be super tired of me and my Soul Slings Peace ring sling because I’ve been using it non-stop but read on to find out why! If for some [strange] reason you’re not following me yet on Instagram and Facebook please do so, that way you won’t miss out on the spam gorgeous pics I take. Ok, crappy selfies, but you know what I mean 😉


BTW Peace is the name of this colorway.

From the manufacturer:

Soothing greens and tranquil blues create the perfect calm for some serious sleepy dust.

  • Colour : Gradient blue
  • Fibre : Pure woven cotton
  • Weight recommended : up to 15 kg (33 lb)
  • Width : 28 inches wide
  • Length [I have a size 3]83 inches (211 cm)

There’s also a lot more info on there and you can find it right here.

  1. Color-wise to me it is more like blue and green stripes, not so much a gradient.
  2. I have yet to try it with my toddler although believe me I have tried!
  3. About that sleepy dust let’s just say it’s real. Joaquín will.NOT.sleep unless he’s on this ring sling. Right now I’m even afraid of washing it.

Ok let me give you what you came here for, a review. As I mentioned in this post, I will be reviewing and talking about Soul products during my SoulMate period.

The colors: amazing!! Although I love blues and greens, so I might be biased. It has a gathered shoulder, shiny silver rings and as mentioned above, mine is a size 3 which was their regular “one size” before they started offering them from size 1 – 4. For my taste, it is too long. For comparison my base size in a woven wrap is a 5. I did order another one in a size 2 and will probably have a size 1 visiting soon so I will be able to compare. I will also add that this is just a personal thing. I’m ALL about long tails but for ring slings, specially this one that I’m using mostly at home for chores and whatnot, I don’t need nor want a long tail. There are people who are larger and need a larger size in order for them to be able to wear comfortably and Soul offers them that opportunity. Talk about being inclusive!

Here are some pics of what I do with my long tail. In the first pic I rolled it and used that to reinforce the seat. This is great for heavier babies. In the second pic I just wrapped it around the rings creating a cushion over them:

  • The ring sling does not come soft from the box, it needs breaking in. We have been constantly using it for 6 weeks now and it has definitely gotten softer and floppier but it’s still not fully broken-in. I have high hopes though.
  • Width wise it is perfect. I really think it would work great with a heavier baby.
  • It definitely has grip and some texture to it, makes me wonder about it as a woven wrap.
  • Enough cushion for my bony, narrow shoulders and yet it is light/airy enough for Puerto Rico’s hot weather.
  • It retails for $23 and right now it’s on sale for only $16! In all seriousness, you can’t beat that price.

It is a great carrier, excellent quality, you support a small business and you get to wear your baby close to your heart.

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