Review – Little Zen One

Yes, this review is about the store and not the item bought per se, although that’s coming too. Little Zen One is a small, mama-run, business that is proud to offer you baby carriers + accessories that are Fair Trade, Local + Organic [info taken from their website].


If you know me AT ALL, you know that I’m a sucker for good GREAT customer service. I’m a very loyal customer, always have been, which means I usually keep buying from the same places.

What does it take for me to shop at a new place?

Well their inventory is one thing. I mean they must sure be selling something that I need ok, don’t need but totally want but whatever. Second, if I have heard/read good things about them I might take my business there (hence why I’m writing this, in case anyone needs a lil’ review). And third, I prefer to shop from small businesses rather than big corporate stores. Why? Because it’s more personal plus the person that you’re buying from cares. Yes! They care, trust me.

Ok, so let’s go back to a couple of weeks ago when Didymos released Prima Charcoal. What’s that you ask? From their website:

Anthracite coloured cotton interwoven with cotton yarns alternating from anthracite to silvergrey on to teal and natural white – out came a shimmering colour gradient highlighting the richness and beauty of the Prima pattern. 220g/m², 100% Organic Cotton.


Ok, so basically a Prima pattern (formerly known as Indio) in a gray gradient. Gray’s my favorite color. It was released in February. The same month my baby was due (and then born). I HAD to get it. Right? RIGHT?!?!

Problem was I had like zero moneys. Ok, no problem, that’s ok. I don’t really need another wrap. I mean it’s only like the most beautiful and meant-to-be thing ever but ok. So I go on LZO’s website to look at the thing, gawk and suffer. It was still in pre-order phases and OH MY! They do layaway👀 oh what’s that? A button to talk to them. They’re asking ME if I need anything? #Jesustakethewheel I can’t. Ok so hiii, I want a size 6 for layaway, kthxbye.

Seriously, all jokes aside. The service they offer. I’m talking about you Allie! Is TOP notch. It does not get better than this. She answered fast, plus answered ALL my crazy questions and was super nice the whole time. Not the I’m-trying-to-sell-this-to-you nice, but genuinely nice. I proceeded to put said woven wrap in layaway, then pay it off. Then almost died when they got the shipment and did a live unboxing video on their fb page. I was so excited about that unboxing, it was like I was a 5 year old on Christmas morning.

So fast forward to the present time. I had my baby, I’m babymooning, still getting to know him and his routines. I have my package sitting there that I haven’t even opened yet and didn’t want to. Why? Because I also wanted to babymoon with it. I wanted to be alone and have time to enjoy it, to look at it properly, to feel it and to wrap myself with it before giving it its first bath. So it took me a while because you know how often moms get alone time? Yea NEVER. So when I finally had the time, guess what I found inside when I opened it? A handwritten note. This right here is my favorite thing from shopping small. I keep them ALL probably until forever. They’re so meaningful to me. Like you don’t get that from amaz…ok nevermind. And guess what else? Yes, there’s more!!! Rings! Yes, rings. At first I was questioning my full on postpartum mommy brain and I was like nope, my other Didy (which I also bought new) for sure did not come with rings. I’m 100% positive, so I did the right thing and asked Allie because I wasn’t going to keep them if they had been sent here by mistake. And I don’t even know how to say this… but they were a gift. A new baby gift. I almost cried when she said that.

Thank you so much again for the amazing service. You’ve definitely gained a customer.

And now a little something special for my readers:

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