Dressing up with Soul Slings

Recently I had to dress up to attend a family event held at church. It was one of my niece’s First Communion and it was going to be at the local cathedral. Joaquín being less than 3 months old is permanently attached to the breast nursing, so I knew I had to bring a ring sling. Now, you may have seen that the ring slings I own are all bright colors mostly blue/greens. Those colors were not gonna fly because one I’m sure they were going to attract a lot of attention and 2, I didn’t want to attract attention😂.

This is when I decided to buy my new favorite ring sling Sparrow (sorry Peace).

This is from their first collection of linens that I had already hosted (see past review here). Sparrow is not a color I would have chosen. I still love Parakeet – a bright lime green. But it went perfect with the outfit I had in mind and it is a very subtle color.

Here’s a pic of the outfit I had chosen:


As you can see perfect match! Only problem was that nursing in that dress was nearly impossible. So change of plans. While I looked for another outfit at the very last minute with no option to buy anything, I started thinking that I should’ve bought Midnight Masquerade, an all black ring sling. See, black is my color, I wear tons of black but didn’t want to wear such a dark color for this particular activity. It really hit me that none of my carriers are “dressy”. Not that they should be but in my situation I wanted to dress up and not have any funky colors/designs on me. So that inspired me to prepare a list of options from Soul Slings that I think you can wear when dressing up 😉.

As mentioned:

and I think also

and maybe even

Here’s a pic of what I actually wore and another pic of me wearing the ring sling with a total casual outfit because let me tell you, I’m 100% loving this linen ring sling. And remember, you an always do a fancy finish and up your outfit with just a few more steps!

Tell me, which carrier do you love for dressing up?



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