What do I look for in a woven wrap?


This might come to you in both languages. Still thinking about it. Regardless, here I go.

So you already know what a woven wrap is and have decided to purchase one. Now, what do you look for in a woven wrap, besides size and that it fits your budget?

For me, I have to like it, I don’t care if it’s made with unicorn hair and fairy wings if I don’t like it, it’s a no-go. Second, I always look for its density or the wrap’s GSM. The weather in Puerto Rico is very humid and warm so a thick, dense wrap will not cut it either.

GSM stands for grams per square meter. Fabric GSM means weight of one square meter of fabric in grams. GSM is also written as gm/m2. You can calculate GSM for woven and knitted fabric using the following formula: (source)

GSM calculation formula

That being said, I have to like it and what do I actually like in a woven wrap? It’s weave pattern, the fabric or fabric blend(s), colors used for weaving, manufacture process, company background and thickness are some of the things I look for before buying. Is it light or will it hold a toddler that will most probably be trying to escape?

I remember once getting a mystery (surprise) box from 5mr. Do you remember those? Well I received a Lenny Lamb woven wrap (broken twill weave) that literally did not hold Lucas (it had no grip), and he was four months old at the time. It felt so thin and it would dig big time on my shoulders when attempting a rucksack. I sold it ASAP. However, on that very same mystery box I got a ring sling from Fidella (jacquard weave) and it’s still a favorite here. They’re both 100% cotton so the difference was in the weave. I remember I loved the colors of the wrap but honestly could not justify wearing it.

Another thing I look for is availability. On this depends the resell value I could or could not get from it. If it’s a widely available wrap, you would have to sell for less than retail. If it’s an exclusive or maybe perhaps part of a collection you could get your money back if/when you resell.

Also, does it have a meaning behind it? Was it made to symbolize something or someone? This gives it a little something extra.

I wrote this post close to a century ago, and just kept it as a draft, but I just want to add that I also like trying new blends. I’ve been dying to try more bamboo, hemp, silk and wool blends. Do you have any specific blend that is like a magic formula?

What do YOU look for in a wrap?

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