Toddler Wearing: Full Buckle vs. Onbuhimo

A question often asked: Which one do I prefer for toddler wearing?


If you know me AT ALL (or at least follow me on social media), I’m sure you can answer this all by yourself. Yes, a full buckle. But I will explain why. Also, please keep in mind that these are my personal preferences and everyone is different.

Toddler Full Buckle


  • You can wear more comfortable for a longer period of time.
  • You can easily front carry
  • If you’re used to full buckles, there’s nothing new to learn/get used to.
  • Easier to put your child on your back (hip scoot).


  • It has a waistbelt (it bothers some people).



  • Less bulkier carrier.
  • Less adjusting to do.


  • ALL of the weight is on your shoulders.
  • Child sort of has to cooperate to get on.

Right this second my soon to be three year old needs a LOT of bribing to get worn and it doesn’t always work so an onbuhimo has actually been easier than a full buckle. Thing is that when I wear him it’s usually for longish periods of time so I’m not as comfy as I would be with a full buckle.

*I’m gonna add right here that I’m always tandem wearing so it’s not only a toddler on my back but also a baby on my front. Which takes me to…

Tandem wearing with two full buckles in Puerto Rico’s SUPER HOT weather is NO JOKE. Those two waistbelts kill me, so the onbu has been perfect for that lately.

No, I don’t hate it. I just use it wisely 😝

You can go to Soul Sling’s website here and browse through their amazing collection of both onbuhimos and full buckles. Maybe if you’re also tandem wearing you can mix and match.



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